Sunday, October 26, 2008

Strong pattern

one of my strongest setups, when price leaves the range and the "valley" , signing a strong reversal.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hesitation killed the sparrow

I had a few seconds of hesitation to close or not this short who turned badly. That was enough to give me a -63 on the face. High volatility, high gains, high losses.

210 pips won today. My best day/week/month so far. But we live/trade in abnormal times.

Drop, drop, drop!...

103 pips in no time!.. exited waiting an equally strong reaction, but it was more there... Not complained for this..

Nice morning

i was really happy with this, so I didn't care much to take also the second leg down.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This the chart of my equity's change in %, during the day. Overtrading (50 trades in total!) drove performace back and forth between 0 and 15%, closing the day around 12%. Complete non-sense and very stressfull. Patterns and trendlines apply here too...

Last trade

...and finally took back the lost pips, late in the evening, with a lot of stress.

A capital mistake

This short went to +8, not closed, not even at break even and was left to move quickly against me. Negligence? Stupidity? Egoism and incapacity to accept the obvious? Check all the above.

2 trades

2 more trades.

The art of giving (back)

..the reversal took place some minutes later, little by little and I was insisting to be short. This is the art of giving back some of the previous gains..

Slices of thr trend

3 shorts in this big drop. There is an important empty space between the 2nd and the 3rd, marking my hesitation to re-enter for the 3rd time. I finally reentered a lot of pips below the 2nd exit, making this trade risky, as the downtrend was exhausting and could have a strong reversal an any time..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The "You will miss the party" trade

i was busy with my dayjob during the move down, and when back to trading, i wanted to get on the train at any price. The result is allways a bad entry. I was trapped in a ranging market and lost 13 pips.

Risk taken

Risk taken again, risked 15 pips to win 7,5. Bad ratio indeed!...


Monday, October 20, 2008

Last trades for today

Decent catch of the drop, closed on time.

Just a slice

I was busy and missed the previous entries but I don't complain. A sparrow needs just one bit :) And bit after bit..

Fast up

Quick pips on this long momentum, closed on time and at the res trendline intersection , nothing lasts forever..

late exit

Late exit, as trend lines, cci and etc were ignored. I took most of it back, but the mistake is not deleted.

Safe exit

Risky entry on this but safe exit : just above the supp line and the expected reaction there.

Code name :Broader view

3 fast trades in this pre-London Monday and 5,7 % on account. This is a new setup, the latest evolution of the rainbow, with many trendlines, fibos etc. We worked together for this with my new friend Andrea "Oppenheimer" (i am von Neumann for him..) from Terni, Italy and i am very happy about it. It was, it still is, a splendid collaboration. More on the next charts.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going wild (2)

....and managed to lose half of this with late entries...

Going wild (1)

Back after a long time watching big spreads and the world collapsing...

Big gains on these large movements, i had an immediate 25% on account with them but i didn't stop there...