Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before the storm

I got a few pips and then I left monitors to take care of my daughters. When I came back, price was 70 pips down...

Friday, February 24, 2012


What are 9 ticks for the huge volatility of crude oil? Almost nothing. That's why it is relatively easy to catch them. No need to know what did the Iranians  in Ormuz. No need to anticipate and get the entire price movement (there are MANY, anyway, everyday). All I need is to cash in some ticks here and there, based solely on momentum. Today I had these 9 and 10 more a little bit earlier. It is relatively easy if you are not greedy. Like doing micro-surgery on an elephant.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Back to trading after a loong time. I partially lost my reflexes and had to cope with fear. The fear was in the first and third trades when i closed them early. Fourth trade came close to my stop by 1 pip and then resumed up, I was lucky.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Under fire

Historic buildings in the center of Athens, neoclassical jewels of the 19th century are burning this evening, at the moment we wait for the crucial vote. The forces of chaos, the inner pulsions of some for destruction and death came to the surface again..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black days

Hi Andrea, hi Christian!

I hope you are fine and family too!

I , personally disappeared from earth recently because i am in deep depression. I felt unable to communicate with anybody in the last month, except my children and wife. I don't trade since January, I lost my motivation, and I made childish mistakes before this -I am an awful trader when depressed. I have to finish with my day job, my two bigger clients (advertising companies) didn't pay me ( they got busted) and i lost thousands of euros, so I have to close business myself too. All that (my mood and situation) is the result of the disastrous moment of Greece right now. I saw some of my best friends and relatives to pass into poverty within weeks, losing jobs and their house. Not only the people but the middle classes also are heavily under pressure now in my infamous country. We live in a total and depressing uncertainty. Tomorrow is the most crucial day in modern Greece's history. The parliament must approve the new bailout terms. Tens of members of the parliament will not vote for this. If the terms are not voted, Greece will go busted within three days.

My occupations right now? I spend a lot of time with my daughters -the biggest remedy-, I listen to music all day long, I read, I help the suffering people when I can , I walk my dog. And I wait.