Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A warm hello to you all! I am on the mountains with family to avoid the awful heat of this bloody summer. After some comments on the previous post, i owe an explanation of my "disappearance". So, here is what I wrote to my friend Christian recently :

"..I continue to trade. As you know very well, nobody can stop this.. It is a kind of addiction.. better then to be profitable to avoid a complete ruin caused by addiction. During the 8 years I am in this stuff, i was losing money in the first 3, it took me another 3 years to break even and now i make some. But I easily give back the gains for a life with no forex and no pain. This is the reason I stopped posting in my blog. I don't want others to think that is an easy money scheme all this. It is not and the price to pay for these gains is your peace in mind, your life? I could destroy lifes with this damned blog.. " Hope you understand now..