Thursday, November 27, 2008

A love supreme

I have been recently in Paris for a short visit and, suddenly, i got a kind of nostalgia for my first stay in this city, as a student, some 25 years ago. It was hard time for me but I learned a lot there. Among other things i discovered music in Paris, the big, the divine one.

My "saints" were Coltrane, Mahler, Miles Davis, Glenn Gould, Bach or Wagner. I wanted to buy all their albums, I remember me sparing money from my food to do this. Records, or the first published cds at this period, were expensive for the average student in the 80's. A not so great edition of Parsifal costed me one week's meals in 1983..

I remember especially the nights I passed in my tiny chambre de bonne, listening for hours Coltrane or Mahler discs, while i was litteraly starving... Most of all, A love supreme, 48 minutes of pure ecstasy (whithout drugs!) in my earphones, listened again and again..

Today, a 20 years-old guy can download this masterpiece from Emusic for 35 cents! He can also search among 100 other Coltrane's albums and out-of-print editions . That means progress to me. The only problem is that, although (or because) the purchase of music is so easy, there is no devotion to the music saints anymore.

Or i am wrong : there must exist out there boys and girls with the same love for the music, the great one..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


-for Andrea

"To make a movie based on Andreotti's life and political career was more than a challenge and Sorrentino, choosing a surreal and grotesque key to narrate the story, achieve an extraordinary artistic quality that leave you astounded. The movie is a triumph on so many levels (also the choice of the music is weird and original) that probably deserves more than a single view to be fully appreciated. "

A genious orchestration of optical and sound materials and loans from any possible art, like opera, danse, theater, etc. Done with an incredible maestria, so big that it is irritating sometimes.. A net advance in cinematography and film directing. Unforgettable film... I could not sleep yesterday night after the projection, thinking of Servillo's achievement...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Late entry in a strong trend

(Very) late entry on this, i was lucky enough to cope with a strong trend and that only gave a nice profit, as on the chart.. Otherwise i could get an easy rebound on the trendline and 8-10 pips loss.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fast 10

Fast 10 pips, based on CCI exhaustion, closed as soon as possible.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Solid base

Nice unfolding rainbow and solid base (several supp lines) gave this healthy uptrend and 34 easy pips.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second entry is risky

First trade gave 11 pips but weren't enough. I re-entered on the same move and this second trade (third here) is always risky. Result : -14 pips. Net :-3.


Nice uptrend with many pips, i took a little portion of them.

Reversed valley setup

Had this reversed cup or valley today, with good entry/exit. one of the easiest (to trade) setups.

Temporal exhaustion

A counter -trade on signs of temporal exhaustion. Exhaustion is announced here by 3 consecutive lower highs and divergence on CCI. On these trades, i get some pips and get out quickly, because the resume of the trend can kill me anytime.