Wednesday, November 26, 2008


-for Andrea

"To make a movie based on Andreotti's life and political career was more than a challenge and Sorrentino, choosing a surreal and grotesque key to narrate the story, achieve an extraordinary artistic quality that leave you astounded. The movie is a triumph on so many levels (also the choice of the music is weird and original) that probably deserves more than a single view to be fully appreciated. "

A genious orchestration of optical and sound materials and loans from any possible art, like opera, danse, theater, etc. Done with an incredible maestria, so big that it is irritating sometimes.. A net advance in cinematography and film directing. Unforgettable film... I could not sleep yesterday night after the projection, thinking of Servillo's achievement...


andreahaku said...

thanks my friend. I alway wanted to watch it but haven't found the "time" to do that... you know kids etc.

But I promise I'll do it soon.

How about "Gomorra" by Matteo Garrone? Based on the famous book. Another great modern italian movie. Unfortunatly very near to reality.

A presto,


Constantino P. said...

i had to make a choice yesterday between the 2 big italian films. i opted for il divo, less violence. But i will try gomorra next week! Italian film rebirth!


andreahaku said...

yes, Gomorra it's not a movie good for childs.