Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3

One more day with S&P future and I am more than delighted! Razor-sharp precise moves and executions, no instant pull-backs (just to hit my 6-8 pips stop), (almost) no spread or slippage, the lowest commission and the profound sentiment that THIS is the scalper's instrument par excellence. A scalper can here enter trades with 10-20 contracts (or more) whithout fear of slippage or stop hunting due to lack of liquidity,  and go for 2-5 ticks easily and with minimal risk.

I entered a short at NY opening (16:30 my time) -tricky time- and got a loser. The rest was quite simple. 22 pips (I should say ticks! lol) today.


simon said...

hej Forexbird.

Sounds like you are in love with new toy, lol :P

S&P is ok. But Friday and next trading days will be interesting.

I have a question. Do you trade the whole day, or just for short time (like in this example - you started around 16:30 of your time) Do you trade the whole US session, or just part of it?

The forexbird said...

no, i stop when i get my 20 ticks. Today I stopped a little later after this chart time, after 2 additional little wins of 2 and 3 ticks respectively. Total time : 1 Hour.

$parrow FX said...

Hello Forexbird,

Nice to see you're doing good. I just came around to post a link you'll might appreciate as I remembered your interest in fractals. Here it is :

This one on Algorithms is really nice too :

Enjoy :)

PRD trader said...

Hi forexbird,
Good to see some one diversify his trading.I think its a good option for forex traders to trade emimi.

The forexbird said...

thank you all!

Rashi said...

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