Monday, August 22, 2011

New toy

I am a Gemini by sign and conviction : I cannot stay in one place, occupied with just one thing. Although profitable on the eur/usd market, I started, during my vacation, to study (off-line) the S&P future's charts. What I liked most was its smoothness : rarely violent events, but quiet, peaceful moves up or down. Much less stop hunting, due to the HUGE liquidity (10-times the eur/usd liquidity), which makes the false moves more difficult to produce. A perfect micro-climate for the scalper. I realy admired how perfectly (technically) the market is moved by the big guys : I only need to follow them.

So today I had my first live trades with the new toy. I traded just 2 contracts in a lazy, post-holidays session, while euro was completely flat. The first trade was wrongly entered far away from the median and it was inevitable to close it with a loss. Last trade could go further.


Rehman said...

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Tweezer said...

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