Monday, August 29, 2011

Straight opening

No tricks at this NY opening : a straight, easy to catch, move up and then, boredom.


Anonymous said...

could you please share, how you insert your entry/exit/results data on charts? Do you manually insert them after the trading session or could ZLT be somehow connected to NT charts, so it is automatic entry due to your trade execution?
Thanks in advance,
Petr, Vancouver

stljeffbb said...

Hello Forexbird,

I just want to thank you for your is an inspiration, and I hope you continue to maintain it. You are an inspiration as well, and I find your anecdotes to be just as important as your technical analysis...indeed, when we trade, are we not trading "against" ourselves as much as trading "against" the market? It is the mastery of self you have achieved that I aspire to.

Kind regards,


PRD trader said...

Nice blog,keep it up

The forexbird said...

I don't trade via NT. I simply press buy/sell buttons of NT IMMEDIATELY after my entries/exits on zerolinetrader.

The forexbird said...

thank you for the kind words guys.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much, will do the same.
Best wishes,
Petr, Vancouver

Dean said...

Actually the biggest problem that I see is that it keeps changing, so maybe if it’s straight opening today but some other day it would be complicated and that is where the newbie is caught off the hook, so we must be careful with that. Luckily I always use OctaFX broker’s rebate service; it is safety measure that I take because even with losing I get up to 15 USD per lot size trade, so even a losing trade is not too bad for me!

cheenu prasad said...

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