Saturday, December 20, 2008


for Christian

A splendid film from Germany, by director Doris Dorrie. Emotional and sincere, all the delicacy of humans and their sentiments, in this little masterpiece. And the human destiny is treated seriously (german way) and poetically at the same time, with feminine touches. Splendid images too, I never saw Japan filmed that way before. Don't miss it!

P.S. I have a serious problem, I admit it : I cry in the movies. I watched this film with my wife and her (many) sisters. I was the only one who cried during the film!.. Women are getting tough these days..


Anonymous said...

Hey Constantino,

thank you for this recommendation. I noticed this film when it started in cinemas in Germany, but wasn't convinced to go see it, despite the good reviews it got. Now, with a recommendation from you, I am surely going to see it.

As for the crying: I am also crying once in a while when I see a film. Especially with stories of a fallen hero making a great comeback I am helpless (I guess I am simple that way). The last one was only a couple of days ago: I watched "The Legend of Bagger Vance" again and decided it is one of my alltime favorites (thank you Robert Redford for making this film).

Interestingly, I think it fits well with Trollmann's recommendation to watch the Moe Norman golf-videos to improve as a trader.

It was nice hearing from you and I really think we should someday get together again - as successful traders (well, I'll have to catch up to you on that ;-) ).

I wish you a nice time over christmas and new year!

Myself I am looking forward to a fresh start with a more business-minded approach to my trading next year.

All the best!


BTW: My wife Maria finally managed to organize that property registration in Athens - and you were right: She didn't need a tax number. One major nuisance off her mind before christmas - phew.

BTW2: I can only leave this comment when I am using Internet Explorer - it won't show the picture for the "Word Verification" in Firefox...

Constantino P. said...

hi Christian!

Thanks for the suggestion, I missed Bagger Vance back in 2001, I will search it now in dvd. I am mostly bored with Hollywood films, but Redford is a special case. He always had integrity and vision.

Best wishes for the holidays, in Berlin or elsewhere..