Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trend line trading

A good session with smooth moves and decent volatility. The last trade was taken at the trend line and price resistance there.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am back

A shy come back, after 25 days of (trading) inactivity, vacations and good time, fires and anxiety. Passed 20 days on a small place by the sea, whithout internet connection or trading, otherwise my dear wife would have killed me. I feel a little rusty now..


The fire is over, the damage is there : 30.000 hectares of pine forest are lost. The oxygen pump of Athens is heavily touched. The clima will change for ever. Our family was saved, others have lost their house. My thanks to all friends who expressed their sympathy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hard times

Back from holidays, just to be immersed in the hard reality : Attica is in fire, a huge region turned into ashes in the last two days. I am with family in our summer house near Marathon right now, the fire is just 3-4 kilometres away..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Books for the summer (2)

2. Kazuo Ishiguro, Nocturnes. Fine short stories from a Japanese-English master.

3. William Gibson, Pattern recognition. That's all about! (but nothing to do with trading). By the Neuromancer's author.

4. Thomas Bulkowski, Trading classic chart patterns. A visual library to keep you in shape.

Books for the summer (1)

After the If this is a Man (one of the 10-15 best books I was lucky to read in my life) and the Periodic system, the third major work by the biggest Italian. Astonishing reading.

Flights of love

for Christian

Superb short stories by Bernhard Schlink, to read one every day. Among them, The circumcision, a little jewel, the best short story I have read in the last years. A young German studying in New York falls in love with a young Jewish woman living there. The deepest and most accurate portrait of newer generations in today's Germany.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The hangover (Risk managment again)

for Nico,

This is a summer film, nothing more, but very well done, a superb comedy with perfect gags. Four male friends travel to Las Vegas for a mad bachelors' party. They wake up next morning in their suite with a terrible hangover, they can't remember anything from the previous night, a tiger is in the bathroom, a baby in the closet and one of the friends is missing... The fun(?) just starts..

There is a three-words proverb in ancient greek : Ανήρ αεί παίς - the male is always a child. The male (not the female) can do stupid things, he loves to do stupidities. For one simple reason : he is not absolutely necessary in the reproduction conspiracy. He can take his life lightly, he can risk, he can waste or lose his life for nothing : just think about the men/women ratio among fast drivers, extreme sports gamers, war photographers, drug addicts, gamblers, traders, religion fanatics and so on. More than 8 to 1... Taking the life lightly is a meditation on futility..Only the male has the luxury of futility... That's why he is funny..

Don't miss the film..