Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hard times

Back from holidays, just to be immersed in the hard reality : Attica is in fire, a huge region turned into ashes in the last two days. I am with family in our summer house near Marathon right now, the fire is just 3-4 kilometres away..


Anonymous said...

all my compassion, i pray for you.


Anonymous said...

We had the same situation here in Sardegna, I can perfectly understand you. My thoughts are to your family.


Alessandro said...

I hope everything will be fine as soon as possible.
Be strong!!! ;-)


Constantino P. said...

thank you my friends for your concern. I will stay awake this night, to be able to wake up the kids and leave on the first alarming sign. No time or desire to trade..

andreahaku said...

Ciao Constantino,
I'm just back from holiday and didn't know anything about that.
Please keep us informed about you and your family.
Keep in touch,

Anonymous said...

pip_gmt: yes very sad, people are losing everything they have worked for.

Anonymous said...

The media seem to agree that the fires are under control for now... I hope it was in time so your family wasn't harmed.