Saturday, August 1, 2009

The hangover (Risk managment again)

for Nico,

This is a summer film, nothing more, but very well done, a superb comedy with perfect gags. Four male friends travel to Las Vegas for a mad bachelors' party. They wake up next morning in their suite with a terrible hangover, they can't remember anything from the previous night, a tiger is in the bathroom, a baby in the closet and one of the friends is missing... The fun(?) just starts..

There is a three-words proverb in ancient greek : Ανήρ αεί παίς - the male is always a child. The male (not the female) can do stupid things, he loves to do stupidities. For one simple reason : he is not absolutely necessary in the reproduction conspiracy. He can take his life lightly, he can risk, he can waste or lose his life for nothing : just think about the men/women ratio among fast drivers, extreme sports gamers, war photographers, drug addicts, gamblers, traders, religion fanatics and so on. More than 8 to 1... Taking the life lightly is a meditation on futility..Only the male has the luxury of futility... That's why he is funny..

Don't miss the film..

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Thank you, Bird!