Monday, April 19, 2010


Lots of trades.


Sparrow FX said...

Dear Forexbird,

If I may ask you about your settings, my Ninja chart don't look at all like your. I mean that when you have 3-4 Chart Bars for 10 pips, I have more then 40 bars... Your charts are so clear, so readable... What is your secret ;-)

I am also using a "Rainbow", but you "own cooked one" is less messy. Can I ask you if you use WMAs or EMAs ?

Last question, promised :-), I saw that most of the time you take position in the same direction then the red line... Is this line a 50 EMA, or an SMA maybe ?

I understand very well that you blog is not about such technical stuff and will not be offensed if you cancel my comment.

Best regards,
Sparrow FX

The forexbird said...

no secret : setting is 3 and select range bars. you must have one bar for every 3 pips move.

I use WMAs, the less possible.

the red dotted line is a 21 EMA.

Sparrow FX said...

Really kind of you, I appreciate loads. Hold on your amazing job, it is important that someone does this kind of things. I will try to write my blog also, but who has enough time ? Nobody of course, that's why it is so nice from you to take time for this.

P.S. I also have to thank you for the books and music ideas.

I wish you all the best,

Sparrow FX

Luus said...

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