Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Wild moves after FOMC announcement. Waited for the spread to narrow again and then entered 3 times and then stopped. Extreme volatility can make you lose your mind.


Anonymous said...

Hey Constantino,
I wish to kno 1 thing.
Why did u take the first trade..?the counter trend..
Is it becuz u were already xpecting it or u played some sort of price exhaustion.
K Singh.

The forexbird said...

1.4080 was a previous local support, affirmed twice. so i entered as price was making wild swings within a range. but you are right to insinuate that the trade was a risk. That's why i closed it on breakeven almost.

Anonymous said...

Thnx fo the info mate..:)
hava nice weekend..:D

Azhar said...

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Unknown said...

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