Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Compulsive trading is just that : trading and trading at aeternam, exiting and re-entering at the same point, again and again. Overtrading is the "art" to destroy a genuine price move by splitting it into many trades and get ruined from the paid commissions.. From this 40 pips move I got ..nothing and payed a lot to my broker too.. I had a minor excuse - the move was hesitant and i had to be cautious and expect a reversal, BUT this is only an excuse..

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Jadhav said...

The person who has not experience madness yet in Forex trading is definitely not going to be successful soon because as an expert trader one has to experience everything whether it’s madness, failures or just about anything unless we don’t taste it all we never grow. I am lucky that I am over all that and now I am in great shape with OctaFX broker, it is a classic company to be dealing with and have some really outstanding features that makes me love working with them.