Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moscow trials

In a civilized country like the US, a few NY cops and a low-rank judge named Melissa can easily destroy a man like DSK, on the simple accusation of an other person. I know, I know, the presumption of innocence is a vice of the "old Europe", where the human rights (of the criminals too) are respected.

I am still under the choc of seeing a man  I admire, presented in a show, as a  trapped beast (an old lion in a circus), as the new Al Capone,as a serial killer. This could never happen in Western Europe.


Alchi said...

They did not caught roman polanski, so DSK will pay twice. Here in France everybody is shocked by all videos, because it's not allowed to show somebody involved in a criminal case before judgement. Gulty presumption is insane.
Now will start american justice show off..
Vultures are not far..

Phil_GMT said...

Maybe Sarkozy's CIA connections had something to do with it