Thursday, June 30, 2011

Money is not that important

All the money of the word cannot bring you the joy of life of this young lady, the hapiness to sing in the streets with friends...


endi said...

I love this, thank you!

Mr. forexBird! I recently found your site and find it hugely inspiring! Thank you!!!

I am a restarter in forex and I've decided to finally (the time is now) learn the ropes and put in the time and energy to make it. Your success and persistence is of great motivation for me!

I copied the picture of your desk in your terrace as I imagine my short-term future similarly.. ;)

Happy trading to you!


The forexbird said...

thank you endi and good luck!

PipJaeger said...

This woman is amazing, great post, bird!

Nasir said...

Although, it’s easier to say but in reality it’s not exactly that way. I always we should always enjoy life first, but earning money too is very important part of the game. I always prefer to trade with sensible and straight forward approach which is helped with broker like OctaFX which is regulated plus a true ECN and that too an award winning one, so it’s pleasure working around them and benefits massively. So, I enjoy my life even more with earning.