Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anatomy of a loss

Late session again, just before the Friday's close. First trade entered late and gave a predictable loss. Second one was even worse, a revenge trade. I had to close it at my max acceptable loss, -9 ticks and then price reversed (as always happens). The two winners who followed were correct. Total -2,5 ticks. I was tired and despite that I spent my time and some money in front of the monitors and missed also a night at the movies..


Attitude Trader said...

Interesting. Friday was also not good for me even though opportunities were present. I was quite disappointed in myself, however, the key, as you've demonstrated before, is to learn from it if possible and move forward. There will always be another day to trade and regrets benefit no one.

Thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Constantino,
Nice to see your progress..Keep it up..?
I have a question about ZLTrader.. Have they got the feature to adjust the stops by dragging the line up or down on the chart.

Another question-
Why didnt you use ninja trader platform for live trading?

King Singh.

The forexbird said...

zlt is totally independent from NT. I just found it excellent and trade with this and NT charts.

I think the zlt DOM is better than NT's.

Anonymous said...

Thanx mate..

Shahrukh said...

We should never take losses too seriously as once that is done we can never undo that, hence we should just learn from it instead of doing silly things in trying to recover anything. I am lucky that I always get 50% bonus on all deposit by OctaFX broker which always me to trade with comfort and also we get great conditions with low spread of just 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 and great customer service is available 24/5 for any problem.

Aeldra Robinson said...

I really enjoy reading your blog as the postings are so simple to read and follow. Outstanding. Please keep it up. Thanks.

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Unknown said...

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