Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am back

I have the "privilege" to get up every morning to see how the crooked (or silly?) politicians of my country destroy this beautiful country, Greece, every single day. I have the "privilege" to live with my health problems and depression while viewing how ugly are destroyed other people's lives. Life here becomes more chaotic, more difficult and dangerous every day. I have a big pain seeing this country in this situation, although I always felt completely stranger to the local mentalities.

As i was in a very bad mood and exhausted, I gave up trading three weeks ago to preserve my health and, more than this, because I simply lost motivation and felt very vulnerable to trade in that condition. I spent 20 days reading, thinking, listening to music and occupied with the remains of my day job. I am back today.

Today it was an easy day. Our prime minister (again!) had a cunning plan to destroy the European Union, and naturally, the euro collapsed.. THIS is the privilege to live in Greece, you know better here the daily fate of the single currency...lol.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Birdy! Happy to know you in better form!

Gideon, Tel Aviv

andreahaku said...

Ciao amico mio,

I perfectly understand you and I'm happy that you're back to trading as it's really one of the only few things that can give us and edge versus the average "job". Studying and understanding what's really behind what's actually happening as this can make it easier to understand what's expecting us.

Currency trading gives us a way to stand out and see things a little from above.

Nobody really cares about normal people. We can't expect that any of the politicians we voted could really solve problems they created thanks to their ignorance and greed.

Italy will be the next Greece very soon and when that will happen will take the whole Europe with us.

Think about what happened 3 years ago thanks to Lehman Brothers. Just imagine when a few European countries will declare default.

I'm not positive on the economic/political situation so what I do is trying to prepare for that.

It's sad. Really sad. Most of all because we are leaving to our children a world that will be worst than the one our parents gave us. I think we failed. We have to come back to teach them how to "survive". If we'll be able to lean how first.

Trade with passion and knowledge as I perfectly know that you are able to do.

A Pip Throwing Party!!! said...

Good to see you back, hope you feel better. Like this chart, love the add in on the trade. It made perfect sense, trend was down. We as traders must have rules when to close and that includes when we add in. Keep posting. Always fun to watch other scalpers. Talk soon...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Forexbird, happy to know u are still around, just one quick question if you dont mind, is this still the 50 period cci u are using?

Trader32 said...

Welcome back

Wise move to take time off....without our health we are nothing.

Take care

ps Whatever happens, nobody can take away the great history of Greece.

The forexbird said...

thank you Gideon, Andrea and all. Thank you for your sympathy.

Tweezer said...

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