Monday, February 16, 2009

Flat Monday

Nothing special today, i had some trades early in the morning, expecting a spectacular break down, and that didn't happen. i had to close platform for the rest of the day after this. Total : -0,9 pip.


David Aranzabal said...

Hi Constantino, I sent you an email last week. I was just wondering if you got it or finished in your spam carpet.


Haleema said...

Monday are usually like that only, but even then, it’s great situation through where we can gain by scalping, but just need to have right timing for it. If we have that then we will be able to work it out all so very nicely. I can really race through things under OctaFX with their tidy spreads, quick execution and even cash back scheme, it’s just perfect foil with scalping and makes life so much easier for me in so many ways.