Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arvo Part

I was listening again this morning this splendid introduction to the work of the biggest living composer today. The music of the big Estonian is quite a mystic experience for thousands of music lovers around the world. Many of them are not even classical music fans. But Part is special : once you give him your attention, you are "hooked" for the rest of your life. He introduced the new simplicity, a kind of hightly spititual minimalism. Nothing to do with the American minimalists (Reich, Glass).

This low price cd has samples from all periods of his work and an an excellent 70 pages booklet. There is also a site dedicated to him. You can listen his most known piece, Spiegel im spiegel, here. An emotive masterclass with him, about his 2 minutes marvel, fur Alina, here.

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