Friday, September 4, 2009

Post -NFP trades : lucky you!..

Post NFP announcement. The third trade was a complete non-sense: I closed early the previous one, so price should return in my favor... It went to -26 and then I was lucky to close with a minimal loss. Playing with fire.. This was precisely how not to trade..


Anonymous said...

are you in - own by fxrichard?

maybe you wane start a journal there

Constantino P. said...

no, I am not.

Rohan said...

It is obvious that when it comes to NFP or any other news, it can be seriously risky adventure, so if we want to do well then we should definitely be looking to absorb the pressure. I believe if we are there then we should be there completely. I don’t trade on NFP too much, but when I do, I am willing to put everything on the line and it helps with OctaFX broker thanks to their quick execution that’s usually in milliseconds, so that definitely helps the performance.