Friday, September 25, 2009

A step forward

No much trading recently, I was experimenting with my new tool, the chart bars. After two years with candlesticks and two more years with short WMAs (following the thin red lines), I was looking for something more visual, more informative about price move. I tried the bars and after some weeks viewing charts, i can say that bars are what i was looking for, they are terrific, especially with the range charts i use. Here is my first trade using the information-rich bars. More to come.


andreahaku said...

really interesting... visual is everything for scalping. Most of the time there's no time to spot indicators divergences etc. You have to find the right "tools" letting reading the chart almost instant.

A good start.. 10 pips a day... ;)

Good luck my friend. Keep us updated on your findings ;)


Tariq said...

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