Monday, June 28, 2010

Same scenario

3 little winners again today, an almost identical setup with the one of previous post. No more than 3 trades on the same move, as the correction becomes more and more probable. If you trade with relatively big lots, you don't need more than 12 pips daily.Time to enjoy the evening now..


Baba said...

Hey Forexbird,

What lotsize do you trade?

Anonymous said...

phil_gmt: I heard Greece is selling some of its Islands to foreign Billionaires.

I have a rainbow journal over at elitescalper

The forexbird said...

i cannot answer, to either of you lol

Suhana said...

I think we should always use controlled lot size, it often happens that when we start winning regularly, we will end up pushing the bar too far and that often ends up us in losses, I am always careful especially with broker like OctaFX, it’s a really lovely company and helps so much with rebate program where I am able to earn 15 dollars profits per lot size trade which includes the losing trades too, so that’s why it’s so useful.