Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Late entry

The 10,6 trade was inexcusably late, as the long rectangle was off way before I entered. This kind of reaction not only cuts the gains but also makes the trade a lot more risky..


Anonymous said...

Dear Forexbird,
how often do u get 0 spreads in ur trading..
and, do u get negative spreads as well like 112.344/112.334 instead of 112.344/112.365
many thanx..
gid bless..!!

The forexbird said...

0 spreads is not common on eurjpy.

Anjali said...

This here spread matters a lot, I mean if we are working with broker who charges low spread then it is absolutely ideal to even go with late entry, but if we are working with broker that charges higher spread then it is pretty hard to work with that. I don’t have to pay much spread, as I work with OctaFX broker; it is only 0.2 pips that I am required to pay, so even if I enter late, I can still work out a profitable trade which is perfect.