Sunday, June 13, 2010

Loyal friends

I want to say a big thanks to the unknown friend from Spain (Avila?) who, according to my blog's tracking data,  has visited this page 1005 times in the last two years.  I hope to have helped you a little in anyway, my friend.. Second is a friend from Vancouver, Canada with 597 visits and third a guy/gal from U.S. with 258 visits.

You (or anybody else) can write about you in the comments, if you wish. Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

lol, no from Madrid ευχαριστώ πολύ Constantino !!!!

Harvey said...

Hey Forexbird,

I don't know if I'm registering as the visitor from the US or not. Regardless, I do visit your site every new post you create and often times visit to look back over your previous posts.

Thank you for your blog. I've been trading for a number of years and came across your blog at a time when I was particularly tired. Your blog helped ignite my passion once again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Forexbird,
tho i aint one of the 3 top visitors u mentioned but i have been folowing ur blog keenly ever since i saw ur link on a thread in forexfactory. i was in new zealand but now in india.

i have read all ur posts and observed ur development in trading style from time bars to WMAs to range charts and above all the inner duel u fought , ur struggle to overcome the psychological aspect (which is the biggest hinderance to success).
infact i have a special folder in my computer where i have kept all ur charts and valuable remarks on why and why not to take the mentioned trades.
i dont have the words to thank you. you have taught me persistence and that simplicity rules. thanks for ur work. God bless u with all the joys and honors dear frnd.
King Singh..
p.s. morever photography is my passion too and i like ur wine photos..they r cool:)

Anonymous said...


One of the Vancouver visitors here, just want to say it's a great blog you have, very inspiring! You'll see some more from Vancouver visiting too, I've shown a colleague and he's impressed as well.

Take care