Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before the opening

A strong price move, a few minutes before the London opening (10:00 my time), as the market expected a new support for the euro.


marcelao23 said...

hello..nice blog and results!congratulations!
what's the moving averages you use?

Sparrow FX said...

Dear Forexbird, still doing nice I see.

You told me I can ask you about the graphs and so on, so may I ask you what made you go out on the "14.9" trade ? WMA spreading, blue bar charts, CCI and QQE not giving any signal... Do you have a look on something else ? Chartism on MT4 maybe ? Reaching a resistance level ?

It is mainly curiosity but in the same time you might be able to give me a tip, because entering a trade is never a problem, but like most of us, I always have doubts trading out.

Do you have main things you look at to close your positions ? I have some rules (CCI, fast pull back, HH or LL on tick chart) but still too much "intuition" in thiq, part that I wish to be able to turn as rare as possible. So I thought that I might look to many things in the same time. I think your experience could help me...

So good continuation and thanks for your contribution to the scalpers' community.


The forexbird said...


i use WMAs 48,54,60,and 80,90, 100 ...150.
Ema 21.

The forexbird said...


The 14,9 trade was an easy setup : ascending lows and break of previous high (113,14).

Sparrow FX said...

Yes it was logical indeed, but I was talking about the reason that made you close your position around 113,32. Was it "blocking" at this level or did you see something on another time scale ?

Any tip about how you go out ? (if in + or in - by the way) This is still the point I feel the less comfortable with : When to go out...? :-( Do you fix targets ? Do you have a look at pivots points ? Fibo ?

Thank for your help and advices,
Sparrow FX

The forexbird said...

I don't look at indicators anymore. I usually exit a profitable trade when i see 2 bars of opposite color. 2 reds after a blue rally. Or I move manually a stop 2-4 pips behind the price and this is filled on the first adverse run.

hope this help.

Bhavesh said...

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