Thursday, May 27, 2010

May is over (for me)

A month of many thrills this May. A wild environment in currencies and economy and rumors everywhere, a frightening volatility on all markets. Personally I suffered from serious slippage in my trading for the first time and I am sure it is not the fault of my excellent broker. The price move simply shifts to a gear too high for the scalping level we live in. What does a sparrow in the jungle, anyway? Despite that I had a profitable month and I need to slow down to protect the gains. If I am happy for something, this is not the profits, it's the gained consistency in hard times..


Petr said...

Congratulation, truly amazing indeed! If you would be asked by someone aiming for the same target(consistency), what are the development steps and how do you check yourself that you are ready to move to higher level( bigger size position, shorter trades duration, faster frequency, etc...)?

Gaurav said...

Ending of the month is always crucial because all the hard work can be wasted, it is important that we keep the momentum going right through the last minute, if we are unable to do that then the risk of letting all the hard work go in vain is quite high. I always stay focus especially with scalping, as the risk is too big to let off, but it is easier for me with OctaFX broker given their cash back facilities that is like cover up for bad trades.