Monday, May 17, 2010


I had a total of 90 pips gain before the last trade on this (-7), but I wanted more to close the day. In consequence I re-entered early, just after the first red hook, not waiting for a round formation to materialize. As a result I got a -7 on the face, ending the profitable day with a loss.

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Adil said...

I think sometimes feel this is quite natural and not something we should call greedy. I mean if we find opportunities then we should not stop, but of course, if we try to make unnecessary trades then that’s greedy. I trade when I see good opportunity ahead, it is common for me to see this happening due to been a scalper, as I just need to pay 0.1 pips charges starting as per spread with OctaFX, so very easy to make profits with such low spreads.