Friday, May 7, 2010

Post-NFP (2)

My method is vulnerable when price makes a step back for every little move it makes, just to collect the tight stops like mine. That is why I had mediocre results on the left half of this chart and other small losses elsewhere. When the move speeds up... the sky is the limit.


Sparrow FX said...

Your methode is vulnerable for what it is brilliant. This small losses are the reason why you avoid the big ones. This is exactly what helped me to get much more regular results.

Oh, by the way, thanks for that !

Keep doing good.


The forexbird said...

bonjour! ("methode" says to me you are French, am i wrong?). My pleasure to help, that's the only reason i continue this blog, although i am sometimes bored. After 600 charts published, I am more interested to speak about music now than trading..

Sparrow FX said...

héhé... the masks are falling. Indeed, je suis français. And I read some high level french titles on your Blog, so it looks like you're also speaking this charming but so difficult language. This is maybe more remarkable than your trading results ;-)

About the music... I love music... and books... and chess... Ahh... I wish I would have more time for this. I also like animals, dogs and horses, that is why I trade.
I want money of course, but maybe more than this, I want time.
So I will continu to get inspiration reading your blog, and when I will have enough equity to live from it, then I will read your blog again... for the music, DVDs and books ideas :-)

You blog is a stunner !!! I understand you can feel tired sometimes, but your blog completly changed my results, and will maybe change my life.


The forexbird said...

hi Sparrow!

I do speak french indeed, I lived in Paris a long time ago, I love French people, music, films, writers!..

thanks for the kind works! You give the desire to continue with this, just to help you and some others. Some people held a blog to make money, I am absolutely opposite to this, my only pay back is to know I had helped someone, As I was helped myself in my beginning. So, don't hesitate to ask me everything about the charts in the blog etc.

About earning a living from forex you mentioned, there is no doubt that if you can have a level of consistency, if you trade only safe setups and IF you cut the losses early, you WILL be profitable on the long run. The only problem with this game is the addiction it generates. My little advice : don't let trading eat up your entire life.