Thursday, May 6, 2010

A day to remember (1)

Another exceptional day - the euro under heavy speculation. Instability and risk aversion are everywhere, nobody knows when this new crisis ends.

232 pips won today, in 98 (!) trades, although I traded 3-4 hours only and missed many "free falls". 54 winners and 44 losers. Average winner is 8,1 pips, av. loser is 4,7 p. 60 pips given back as commissions cost.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up brother...:)

Zaira said...

It is always great to have such great days, but we should be careful that we keep our head level, if we try to do it regularly without real opportunities then we will fail badly, so that’s why we need to be really wise in going with trades that are truly good instead of just out of addiction. I follow my broker OctaFX, as they provide daily analysis report, it is what gives me signal to enter into trades and till then I am completely patient.