Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Sunday

I wake up early on Sundays, at 6:00 or 7:00, I don't want to miss the early performance of the birds in my garden. Every Sunday I am offered a sublime 2-hours symphony for sparrows, blackbirds and other species. Although I am mad about music, I have accepted that no human creation can match this marvel in harmony and invention.

Sometimes I make an exception and the human talent comes via the earphones instead of the birds. Coltrane, Bach, Bill Evans, Satie. Today I listened to The Beautiful Voice, of the great Renee Fleming. Not a new cd (1998), but one of her best. The big soprano made a selection, from arias to folksongs, of the perfect  material for her voice. The result is astonishing. You have never heard such a Rachmaninov Vocalise before, or a simple, exquisite folksong d' Auvergne, among other jewels. Moments of serenity and deep emotion on an early Sunday morning. Thank you Renee!..


Anonymous said...

God blessed your sundays my friend!


FXpropTrader said...

I also enjoy watching and feeding the small birds that land next to my terrace, and also in the trees, bushes directly adjacent to where I live.

Watching nature is a bit like trading I guess. Lots of time spent and the most interesting things happen unexpectedly.