Friday, May 7, 2010

What a day (again)

These are the last trades for today. One more exceptional day is over, volatility and madness and fear, a sign of the new difficult period we enter globally.

269 pips won today, in "just" 53 trades (98 yesterday), 2,5 hours of trading. 31 winners and 22 losers. Average winner was 12,3 pips and av. loser 5,1 pips. Biggest winner 53,9 pips and biggest loser -12,8. Today I won only 15% more pips than yesterday but I earned 40% more money, with the same lot size, just by cutting the number of trades by half.

I stopped trading after this, to go swimming with the family, in order to preserve the gains and myself from the fatal trading addiction...

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Johnson said...

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