Monday, September 6, 2010

Back from a week off, only to find a perfectlly flat market today. No trades.


Sparrow FX said...

Hi Forexbird,

Nothing on Monday ? Quiet normal, it was Bank Holiday in US.

I try a new way of scalping during the calm sessions, so it was quiet good for me.

All the best for the futur and continu to do well.

Sparrow FX

Ali said...

It’s always tough getting back into things, we need to make sure that we stay connected even with holidays and that’s not just by trading but very much possible through just watching the market and monitoring it which too is a kind of trade. I can do this easily through OctaFX broker and their lovely mobile platform, it’s seriously useful and allows me to work from any corner of the world and always leads to profits consistently without any difficulty.