Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I had these trades on last Thursday and then I left for a few days by the sea. I am back today, to trade the FOMC, if I can.


Anonymous said...

take your last trade on this picture. according to the arrows for entry and exit you get 1 pip with this trade - but you write 3,9 pips. how can this be? or the trade before - arrows for entry and exit are at the same height. and you earned 1,3 pips? tell me how you do that! ;-)

Sparrow FX said...

Hi Forexbird,

Nice to see you back.

For your shaving problem you should do like me, I only shave once a week and always on Sunday.

I hope this will help you, :-)))

Ciao and continu to do great,
Sparrow FX

The forexbird said...

i enter entries/exits via charttrader IMMEDIATELY after my real entries/exits on my platform. The milliseconds passed give differences some time. What I write is what i really win/lose.

The forexbird said...

thanks for the advice lol. I simply can't stand a barbe de trois jours lol.

Amittab said...

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