Friday, October 22, 2010

Only a few

Only these three for today. Preparing for a 7-days trip to France with family.Hope we will  not blocked there because of the strikes.. So no trades next week, as I never trade via an unsecure hotel connection.


Anonymous said...

Dear ForexBird,
After all these years of trading, what are you views about 'fear and greed' aspect, now as compared to ur earliers years?
And how much immune have you grown against these 2 vices.

K Singh.
p.s. hava nice trip..:)

David Aranzabal said...

Hi Constantino,

I missed you at the ITC! I met a guy from Athens in Barcelona. He may post some comment on the blog to keep in touch with you.

See you!

The forexbird said...

K singh,

Nobody is immune to this vices, not me neither. It simply happens to become a liitle more wise after some years of trading, because of the accumulated experience. So, now i can stop when i have reached the +20 to 30 pips in the day, not waiting for more. Not always, but most of the days i can close the pc when positive and do other things...I really feel FREE these days..

The forexbird said...

Hi David!

Anonymous said...

thnx fo d repli.. :)
K Singh.

Mahor said...

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