Friday, March 25, 2011


Second trade was a forced one, therefore a loser.


Anonymous said...

Hi FX-bird.
I know you use IB/Ninjatrader. Looking at their website it seems you must go a rather complicated set-up with ninja connecting through IB's own platform TWS FX Trader. Is this how you are running? How does that work out for you.

Thanks a mil for your reply.

The forexbird said...

hi Thomas,

I use NT only for charting. The marks you see on the charts are entered via buy/sell buttons by me, immediately after my entries/ exits. I use IB as broker with an Excellent front end, Zerolinetrader since a while, because 1-click entries are not any more allowed on Booktrader that i used for 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I see, OK. Thanks for answering :-)
Which data provider do you have ninja plugged into? Kinetik? Zenfire?
Is Zerolinetrader freeware/comes with IB free?

The forexbird said...

I use IB feed for data, so i knoe precisely where i am. ZT is not free, $120/year, a lot cheaper than other solutions.

Priya said...

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