Sunday, January 18, 2009

Addiction (2)

....actually i didn't stopped this Wednesday, i continued trading and trading and trading.. 96 trades in total!!.. Followed by 89 on Thursday and 56 on Friday.. The week started as a total madness, 65 trades on Monday and 60 on Tuesday.Total : 386 tades in a week. Simply I could not stop trading. These 386 trades mean 221 pips loss in paid commissions to cover. I should grab 221 pips to just break even. I didn't. I made 85 pips only, because my monthly average 3:1 win/loss ratio dropped dramatically to almost 1:1 . I simply shooted on everything. Criteria, high probability setups and conditions, all were lost in the sound and the fury of addiction. So i lost considerably this week, -16%, first negative one in the last three months. The worst is not the money lost of course, is the horrible feeling of severe addiction i felt, I felt and still feel washed out completely and exhausted. Could I restrain myself next week from this compulsive behavior? I don't know..

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Shikar said...

Fair to say that we all get into these type of situation often, but that’s now much to worry over, as next move is what can be the cause of concern or reason for relief, if we know that it was mistake then good not to repeat it, but if we try to repeat then it’s just pure level of stupidity. It’s like what Einstein said that stupidity is when we try same thing over and over again expecting different results, I am lucky that I don’t do such mistakes due to having enough practice with of OctaFX broker, as they have epic cTrader demo contest to work on.