Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year, new era

A beautiful cold and sunny day today, I walked around Acropolis in early morning. In a small park near the monument, I counted 10 persons, middle aged men mostly, sleeping on a piece of paper, surrounded by plastic bags. A small tree, next to a sleeping man's "bed", had Christmas decorations (photo)... I never saw this so close to Acropolis before. The human misery is getting closer and closer everyday. For how long can we keep our confortable way of life, ignoring the pain of others?

happy new year to everyone!..


Anonymous said...

This is the best comment I have read on this Jan 1rst! Thank you Bird!...

Anonymous said...

thank you for this..


have a happy 2009!

andreahaku said...

unfortunatly our greatest capacity is to adapt. Many times "adapt" means "getting used" to anything we see. Violence, misery and everything is hidden in the dark side of being humans.

I wonder what'll be tagged as "normal" when my child will be grown up.

Thanks for making us reflect on life since the 1st day of the year.