Sunday, March 22, 2009

The age of stupid

The year is 2055. Most of London is under water. Sydney is in flames. Las Vegas is being swallowed by the desert. The humans have perished. The Archivist lives alone in a concrete tower in the middle of the oily ocean somewhere around Norway with a museum collection of stuffed animals and priceless works of art. He sits in front of a transparent space-age screen and rifles through genuine newsreel clips, wondering why we failed to fight the 2 degrees of global warming that pushed the planet beyond the critical point in 2015. Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?

'The first successful dramatisation of Climate Change to hit the big screen', wrote The Guardian.

I had the chance to watch this terrific and terrifying film by director Franny Armstrong, at the Thessaloniki Doc Festival. Opening right now in UK and around Europe. Don't miss it!

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