Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two trades

Two trades only this afternoon.

There was a perfect setup at 18:22, as Andrea Oppenheimer suggested in the comments, but I was distracted at this moment and missed it. More setups to come :).


andreahaku said...

...well you had a really nice entry at 18:22 with both TL cross and CCI cross of 100 level.

Did I tell you that I'm starting loving CCI? :D

In particular divergence... even if I actually use it on different TFs, you already know. But the basics are the same.

You know what? Take a look at "Bollinger Percent B"... very good for divergence too. I'm using them both together and they give nice divergence signals.

Let me know and "charge on"! :D


Constantino P. said...

you are right, 18:22 was the perfect setup. I missed that, i was distracted searching something on the internet. We are just humans, not perfect. Maybe we can make an EA on Ninja to take all the important 100 line breakouts.

andreahaku said...

No EA can trade like you my friend :) Now I know it.

Trading it's not only a matter of strict "rules".

Maybe I left behind a question mark in my comment :) I just wanted to know if I'm well understanding your "technique" based on CCI "signals".

You know that I'm new to it and always wanto to get all I can from the people like you with much more experience and skill than me ;)

Maybe that's the think I'm best at :D

I missed a lot of GREAT entries during the last few days. But we are only human :D

Thanks again,


Sultan said...

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