Sunday, June 21, 2009

The reader (2008)

I am bored to death with Hollywood films, I always avoid them like my sins, but I made an exception and went to see the Reader. I had read the original Bernhard Schlink's excellent book before, which gave this adaptation. I am a big admirer of this writer and many other Germans, nobody can write such a limpid, naked prose like Schlink does and many of his compatriots. In my surprise, the film was as good as the book!..It was made by Stephen Daldry, the author of The Hours and many other gems. But the real shock came from Kate Winslet, who gives a masterfull performance. She plays a former Auschwitz guard in post-war Germany, in a way that you cannot forget her easily...An unforgettable composition, full of strengh, details and nuances... Kate is the greatest!. The film is exquisite, the reconstruction of atmospere of Germany in the 50's is magnificent..

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