Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"The market takes off!.."

I still do newbie mistakes, after 4 years in this market. I took the second trade in the fear to miss the move up, got a -15 quickly after entry and freezed like a cat under car lights. Price resumed up and closed the trade on the next turn down with a loss of 7.

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Safiya said...

I think this is quite common, it’s where one needs to be very strong and one should always be aware of best and worst before going in with the trade, it’s only way we will be able to achieve profits and been successful will be possible. I always trade with simple plans and always prefer to stick with it, I get a lot of help with broker like OctaFX, as they are awesome with tidy spreads from 0.2 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 plus many more benefits, it’s all nice and helpful!