Thursday, July 30, 2009

Afternoon session

My 5 trades for today. There is a strong resistance at 134.72 from a 4-hour chart fibo line. Better to stop here and not chasing the breakout.


dok said...

very nice trades!
but I'm wondering, where would have been your sl on the first trade? I certainly would have been rather nervous =(
anyway, your time is gmt+2?
best regards

Constantino P. said...

hi dok,

you are right,the first one was risky, i risked 10-11 pips on this, my stop was below the 50% of previous move up fibo line, at 134.31. Price stopped one pip above this.. I was lucky. A big risk indeed.

I am at CET+1, or UK time +2.

Marshell said...

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