Sunday, July 19, 2009

Infinity (4)

..and finally, the single candle of 6:00-7:00 hours of the previous contains most of this chart on the left. We cannot go further : charts cannot subdivise 1 sec or half second or range 1, or 1 tick, it doesn't make sense. The analogy of price action with the mind-blowing world of fractals stops here. But here an other idea comes to mind with force : if the end of subdivision is (almost) axiomatically proven here, the possibility to move in opposite direction is mathematically possible : to move from 1 sec to larger time entities, to take the river in reverse, with accurate results.

P.S. the above has to be proven and the way from an idea to the proof of this can be long. Besides, as I try to convince my friend Andrea Oppenheimer, trading is NOT a rocket science, just a pattern recognition "game"...


andreahaku said...

from Wikipedia here's an example of "Self similarity":
In mathematics, a self-similar object is exactly or approximately similar to a part of itself. Many objects in the real world, such as coastlines, are statistically self-similar: parts of them show the same statistical properties at many scales. Self-similarity is a typical property of fractals.

Scale invariance is an exact form of self-similarity where at any magnification there is a smaller piece of the object that is similar to the whole.

I deeply believe in Forex currency pair self-similarity. And you know how much

But that's what my indicators are for... help people find patterns :) like the rainbow does... my "science" is this. At least is what I try to do and what'd like to make a living with :D Find ways to "read" what's already written in charts and make them "beautiful" (and profitable).

Here's beautiful article written by Benoit 10 years ago that's a must for "fractal traders" ;)

Thanks again my friend and master!

Andrea Oppenheimer

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Anonymous said...

I very much agree with your observation.

kind regards

Dave said...

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