Friday, November 27, 2009

A sunny day is over

Missed the nice first movement on this but I took the second. There are allways moves to catch.

A nice day is over, with no tricks on Friday afternoon. 78 pips won with fewer trades than yesterday.


Alessandro said...

Congratulations, 78 pips won should be a very very very nice % gain.
Have a nice week end ;-)

My Trading Edge said...

Hi, thanks for your post
I have never seen range charts in use prior to your post
What is the indicator which plots a triangle on the range chart in the direction of the trend?


Naveed said...

It’s all part of trading, if we expect every day to be same then we will be left waiting, but if we take every new day as challenge then we will gain plenty, it’s what I do and I have excellent support for it and that’s entirely to do with OctaFX broker with their amazing conditions and settings especially to do with their strong cash back scheme where I can get 50% back on all trading orders which is even with the losing one too.