Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mistake of the month

The price on this topped with two red bars on same level, then started to drop. I was distracted and super-confident, so i didn't close, even when price gave a second chance to do this. The important loss was the natural consequence.


Alessandro said... did you felt after those 2 loss? one big and one small.
This is when I loose my mind and start doing all kind of stupid trades...fear start and I loose control.
So it's interesting to know your MindSet, how did you felt? what were you saying to yourself? and what gave you the courage to kee trading?

Ciao ;-)

The forexbird said...

very simple, i stopped after these two. If you try to get back the lost immediately, you are lost! lol . I also needed time to think - how i turned a winning (i was at +3% before these) day to a losing one.
This kind of stupidity gives me strength to be more disciplined tomorrow.. On the begining i used to commit such crimes every other day, now it's once or twice a month.

Anonymous said...

-25 pips hoping it wil go up. yes very bad, naughty noo noos.

Shaheen said...

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