Monday, November 30, 2009

Multi-entries effect

xiting a trade and re-entering on the same price movement increases risk and makes trades shorter and less profitable. On this chart i had to exit many times, under minimal signs of reversal. As a consequence, a drop of 40 pips gave me minimal gains, because my first priority is to avoid a loss. Last trade was more natural.


Alessandro said...

To filter out the noise I'm using a 3 range bar with HA candles without shadows. It helps me so much.

Make Money Online said...
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Sami said...

Mostly I prefer to stick to single entry policy, if we get into multi entry mode then we will put money management out of shape and that’s not good, I always like to stick to my plans and money management, it’s something that keeps me in good shape and even in difficult scenarios, I am able to pull myself through and in between all, it’s OctaFX broker that do the job for me through their 50% trade able bonus, it’s just fantastic!