Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shy trades

Several shy trades in a row, then a trusted local breakout. I call shy the trades with very conservative exits, when the effort to avoid to have a loss comes first. I experiment this recently, with highest lots. The bars are perfect to control such trades.


Alessandro said...

Nice trades,
sorry if I ask...what CCI value are you using?


The forexbird said...


Azhar said...

We feel so pleased when there are days like these when we are able to make good profits easily. It’s important that we realize that such days are not forever up there for staying, so that’s why we got to be very careful. I am always able to handle everything easily which is through help of OctaFX broker and their amazing rebate scheme which gives 50% back on all trading orders which is even for losing trades too, so that’s why it’s so useful.