Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to action

First interesting day after 4rth July's somnolence. There was some action today. Stayed aside on Monday-Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hi ForexBird...:)
nice to see u in action again.
keep it up..:D
i have a question if u dont mind answering.
whats the difference before every new bar is made?
i means whats the difference between the close of one bar and open of new bar?

im asking this becuz recently i started demo ninja with mbtradin and i set 3 pip range and every new bar that is formed is when price moves 0.1 pip from previous bar.
but my charts don match with urs.
ur repli wud b greatly appeciated..
tc and keep smiling ...:D

Anonymous said...

Since MB Trading has the 5th decimal place, you may have to set your range setting to 30 instead of 3 to match his charts. Since the price movement is more precise, to the 5th decimal place, you probably won't have gaps. So, your charts won't match his perfectly, but close.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the info, dear friend..!

Merry said...

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